• with -0.15µ provides – Enhanced depth of focus and contrast sensitivity in mesopic and Scotopic conditions
  • 360°square edge acts as a mechanical barrier for cell proliferation
  • Aurovue EV optics and haptics are designed to fit in the capsular bag of varied sizes. Force enduring haptic design of Aurovue EV adopts well to the postoperative refraction of the capsular bag and ensures centration and stability of the lens
  • It leads to a hassle free and error free implantation and minimizes damage to the optic as a result of a chance of improper loading through a manual process

Aurovue EV Preloaded IOL: Loading Technique

Aspheric Optic for the better clarity and night vision
Design Characteristics
Model Number HP760AP
Optic Diameter 6.00 mm
Overall Length 12.5 mm
Convexity Biconvex
Angulation 3° Angulation
Square Edge 360° Square Edge
A Constant 118.7 (optical) and 118.4 (Ultrasound)
ACD Value 5 mm
Diopter Range +5D to +35D { +5D to +15D and +25D to +35D in 1D increment, from +15D to +25D in 0.5D increment}
Delivery System Disposable Preloaded delivery system

Material Characteristics
Lens Material Hydrophobic acrylic
10% UV cut off 385nm
Light Transmittance More than 90%
Glass Transition Temperature 8° C
Incision Size 2.2mm (Through wound assisting technique)
Refractive Index 1.47