Why Aurovue

Aurolab’s Aurovue is the first endogenously developed by hydrophobic single piece foldable IOL. It has been manufactured to combine the benefits offered by the material and an intelligently engineered design, suitable to most eyes.

Aurovue Features

Excellent Bio Compatibility:

Aurovue material was developed in collaboration with technical experts from various countries. This material was subject to invitro and Invivo studies and is proven to be highly bio compatible.

Excellent Mechanical Properties:

Aurovue has been tested for mechanical properties such as compression force, dynamic fatigue, optic tilt etc. as required by ISO 11979. Results of these tests acknowledge the good design of the lens hence it can be implanted through 2.8mm incision.

Effectively REDUCES PCO:

Aurovue’s material is tacky in nature that adheres well to the capsular bag after implantation. Aurovue has 3 degree vault at optic – haptic junction. These two features of the IOL enhances adherence of the lens with the capsular bag and greatly inhibits the formation of PCO.

Low Glass Transition Temperature:

Aurovue’s Tg is at 8 degree which is lesser keeps the material flexible even at low temperature.The lens unfolds slowly after implantation in the eye. This aids the surgeon to manipulate the lens in the bag easily. Also, the gradual unfolding enables easier removal of viscoelastic fluids from the capsular bag.

Glistening Free:

Aurovue has a glistening free optic which reduces discomfort to the patient.

High Abbe Number: 55:

Aurovue has a higher Abbe number of 55 which reduces chromatic aberration. Hence provides better color perception to the patients.

Force Enduring Haptics, Greater Stability:

The unique feature in Aurovue is that the haptics are thicker than the optic edge. The thickness, combined with the design makes the haptics Force-Enduring. Together, they enable the haptics to sustain/absorb the pressure of capsular retraction, and thus offers total stability to the optic. The Chances of decentration and tilt are minimized to a great extent with these Force-enduring haptics.

Memory In The Capsular Bag:

The optic and haptic have been suitably designed to fit in the capsular bag of varied sizes. The lens adapts well to the postoperative retraction of the capsular bag and ensures centration and stability of the lens. The angle of contact made by the haptics with the wall of capsular bag is greater with Aurovue.

Optimal Refractive Index, Less Reflection:

This material has an optimal refractive index of 1.47. This offers better vision by doing away with the problem of greater light reflectivity posed by materials with higher refractive index.

Comes With a Disposable Delivery System:

Aurovue is the first hydrophobic lens that is made available with the disposable injector and cartridge. Implantation is made absolutely hassle free and the lens can be implanted through 2.8mm incision.

A Negative Spherical Abberation is Provided To:
  • Imitate results of the young nature crystalline lens.
  • Enhances depth of the focus and contract sensitivity in mesopic and scotopic conditions.
  • Withstand a tilt of 10 degree and decentration of 1.0mm.
  • Suits cornea of majority of the global population.